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Unique Technology to Meet Our Customer`s Needs

TAPYRUS Company President

We offer “products tailored to our customer`s needs” through our uniquely developed technology. We have been providing high-quality products of Melt blown Nonwovens to our customers since 1987.
To manufacture products in order to suit our customer`s individual demands, we have been improving our technology day by day.

In business, there are things which should be remained and changed. The former one is our offering “products tailored to our customer’s needs”, and we have been endeavoring in technological improvement to achieve this ambition.

We will supply customers with high quality products and services, and contribute to society by focusing on developing environmentally-friendly products.


                  Management philosophy

TAPYRUS CO., LTD. will contribute to society through providing high functional nonwoven fabrics.

We will contribute to both domestic and overseas in the field of nonwovens through providing high quality and functional products and services that meet customer’s demand.

@Creation of new value
 We will endeavor to develop our technology and to provide valuable products and services that meet customer’s demand.
 We will strive to cultivate our human resources to enhance our level of technology continuously.

AIndispensable corporation
 We will aim at the indispensable company to customers and aspire to continue our business.

BFree and vigorous corporate culture
 We will aspire to be autonomous and cooperative organization that goes solid for the conclusion coming from a free and vigorous discussion, and endeavor to develop a vigorous corporate culture and perform sincerely and incorruptibly.

CGood corporate citizen
 We will promote sound and fair corporate activities. And we will strive to develop products and manufacturing with environmental consideration and small environmental burden.